Group courses in Gothenborg

1. Summary at a glance
Course types– group courses for 2-4 weeks
– can be supplemented with individual lessons
Participants– all ages (from 16 years onwards)
– 6-16 participants per course
Course levelsall
Accomodationnot included, for tips see item 5
Specialities– year-round offer
– certificate of attendance
– online courses

I have visited the language school in Gothenburg several times and am thankful for the great cooperation with my colleagues Katarina and Cristina. I have even participated in classes: here, you benefit from the wide range of courses at many different levels and a modern foreign-language didactics. You learn with well-trained teachers in international groups and an open, pleasant learning atmosphere.

Ute Störiko, Head of OBS!

2. School

The language school in Gothenburg – or Göteborg, as it is called in Swedish – is one of the most established schools in the country and offers a metropolitan, yet friendly atmosphere. The wide range of courses offered throughout the year testifies to long experience and satisfied participants.

The teachers generally have an academic degree and good pedagogical-didactical knowledge, which provides the basis for motivating and varied lessons.

3. Location

The language school is located on the west coast in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden with approximately 500,000 inhabitants.

You will find the school in the city center, so it can be easily reached by bus or streetcar (Järntorget stop), by bike or on foot. From there it is only a few steps to the pretty neighborhood of Haga, where you find many small cafés and nice stores.

4. Course offer
  • Group courses for 2-4 weeks
  • Course types:
    Intensive course: morning classes Monday-Friday
    Complementary option: One-to-one lessons on 2-3 afternoons for individual training of e.g. business language, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation
  • Summer courses: Intensive courses in July and August, Monday-Friday with extra-activities (see point 6)
  • Special courses on request:
    – pronunciation course
    – writing and grammar course
    – conversation
    – professional and business Swedish
    – Swedish for medical and nursing personnel
  • SWEDEX preparation courses and SWEDEX exam
  • All levels (A1-C2 of the European Framework of Reference): each course covers the content of levels A1.1/A1.2, A2.1/A2.2, B1.1/B1.2 or C1.1/C1.2.
  • After attending the cou
  • urse, you can receive a certificate of attendance indicating the level you have reached.
  • There are usually direct follow-up courses to all courses up to level B2.
  • Course books for the different course levels:
    Rivstart A1/2  A1: chapters 1-7 | A2: chapters 8-19
    Rivstart B1/2  B1: chapters 1-9 | B2: chapters 10-18
    Rivstart B2+/C1  C1: from chapter 1
    Form i Fokus and Avancera ord: from C1+

Cancellation: You can cancel your registration free of charge up to 14 days after confirmation by the school. After that, until the course starts, an administration fee of 10% of the course fee is due. If the course has already started, you are obliged to pay the course fee in full and there will be no refund of the course fee (except in justified exceptional cases).

5. Accomodation

You choose and book your accommodation yourself. Our recommendations:

5.1  Private

There are various providers on the market, where you can book a room in an apartment with other people. This gives you the chance to practice your Swedish.

5.2  Good deal

We can recommend the beautiful Vandrarhem Stigbergsliden, which is located close to the school. Here you can stay in single or shared rooms.
The house was renovated in 2019/20. Indicate that you are doing a language course in Gothenburg through OBS! and ask for a discount!

5.3  Pretty

Annes Hus is a small private hotel in a villa with a beautiful garden.

I stayed in this lovely hotel myself: You feel right at home – Anne’s Hus is very lovingly decorated. Anne herself, by the way, is a former Swedish teacher with many cultural interests.

Ute Störiko, Head of OBS!

Hotell Vanilj*** is a small, family hotel right in the center of Gothenburg, housed in a 19th century building. You find the hotel in a side street, in quiet location. In the morning you can enjoy a typical Swedish buffet breakfast in the hotel’s own café.

Hotell Vanilj is centrally located in the pedestrian zone (parking is available at the house). In the individually designed rooms you sleep wonderfully quiet – I tried it myself!

Ute Störiko, Head of OBS!

6. Leisure time

During the summer courses, the language school offers various activities, such as:

  • Göteborg Cafécity walks
  • day trip to Gothenburg archipelago
  • language café
  • sports or activities in one of Gothenburg’s parks
  • hike to the botany in the Swedish nature
  • sustainable Gothenburg

In addition, Gothenburg offers big city life with a rich cultural offer (art, theater, music, dance, etc.), sporting events, shopping, restaurants and at the same time proximity to nature: the sea and the west coast.
By the way, according to The Guardian, Gothenburg is one of the “10 alternative cities” in Europe. And Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel 2021” has named Gothenburg the most sustainable city break in 2020!

And this year, in addition, Gothenburg offers the anniversary celebrations of Gothenburg 400 years!

For further activities, the course participants get together according to their own interests. Our tips: a lunch together in the old town of Haga (just across the street from the school), a walk through Slottsskogen, a ride on the Paddan boats through the city’s canals, a visit to Haga-Bio or the Liseberg amusement park. And on weekends, we recommend a trip to the island of Marstrand in northern Skärgården! For more ideas, see the City Guide Gothenborg.

7. Travel

The journey takes place individually. Let our partner travel agency SkandAktiv, which specializes entirely in trips to Scandinavia, advise you without obligation or make you an offer:

Phone: 09244-98 22 863

8. Course dates and prices
Course dates 2023
Course types


Summer courses see below


(1) Intensive courses

(2) Intensiv course + individual lessons

Beginners to advanced (A1-C1)

Weeks marked in black:

Weeks marked in blue:

2 or 4 weeks

(1) Intensive course: Monday – Friday

20 lessons of 45 minutes per week

(2) + Individual training: additionally 2-3 afternoons per week
(Monday, Wednesday oder Thursday)

additional 12, 18 or 24 lessons of 45 minutes

(1) 2 weeks:
3.575 SEK = about 330 €

4 weeks:
6.825 SEK = about 630 €

(2) + 12 lessons
+ 8.925 SEK
= about 820 €

+ 18 lessons
+ 13.375 SEK
= about 1.230 €

+ 24 lessons
+ 17.825 SEK
= about 1.638 €

A slight increase in prices from September is to be expected.


10. – 21.7.

24.7. – 4.8.

7. – 18.8.

21.8. – 1.9.

Summer courses

A1 – C1

Courses and levels:

10.7. + 7.8.:
A1.1, A2.1
B1.1, C1.1

24.7. + 21.8.:
A1.2, A2.2
B1.2, C1.2

B1.2/B2.2 auf Anfrage

2 weeks each

Monday – Friday

20 lessons of 45 minutes per week

Summer activities

3.575 SEK
= about 330 €

20% reduction on the second course when booking 2 consecutive courses

continuous starts

Evening courses

Beginners to advanced (A1-C1)

6 weeks

Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs

3+3 lessons of 45 minutes per week

3.875 SEK
= about 358 €
On request

Individual training

Small groups of 2-6 persons

All levels:
Beginners to far advanced (A1-C2)

Packages with 20 lessons of 45 minutes per week

Individual training:
17.250 SEK = about 1.590 €

Small group:
25.500 SEK = about 2.345 €

More courses online – e.g. grammar courses, writing courses, Saturday courses, medical/nursing courses, conversation!

swedex-logoIn addition, in Gothenburg you can take the Swedish exam SWEDEX at all levels (A2, B1, B2, C1). More information on request!

... and this is what our participants say about
the Swedish courses in Gothenburg:

All in all, super organized with an insanely good, pedagogically and professionally trained teacher.

Participant, 23.9.-18.10.2019

I enjoyed the A2 language course in Gothenburg very much. It was challenging, also regarding the book change to Rivstart, and through the different people with their different nationalities it was very interesting, educational and informative for me. I was very satisfied and learned a lot, even across courses. A very well trained teacher!

Participant, 15.-26.7.2019

A super experience that I would not want to miss.

Participant, 3.-28.6.2019

I enjoyed the A2 language course in Gothenburg very much. It was challenging, also regarding the book change to Rivstart, and through the different people with their different nationalities it was very interesting, educational and informative for me. I was very satisfied and learned a lot, also across courses.

Participant, July 2019, 3.9.2019

I would like to thank you very much for arranging the A2 summer course in Gothenburg and for recommending „Annes Hus“. It was two very nice weeks in Gothenburg, which brought me a lot further. Great lessons at Folkuniversitetet and the accommodation at Annes Hus was a wonderful experience.
Many thanks and greetings from Lower Saxony.

Sebastian, 29.7.2019

After being so enthusiastic about the A1 course in Swedish, I attended the A2 course this summer. It was again an absolutely enriching experience. At the [school] everything is just right for me, teachers, class and the joy that is awakened with the progress in the Swedish language. I am already looking forward to the next B1 course next summer.

A. B. Michel, 25.10.2018

All in all, very good, really good atmosphere for learning, motivated and well trained teachers.

Participant, 9.4.-8.5.2018

Even though weeks have now passed since my return from Gothenburg, I would like to thank you for teaching the A1 course … in Gothenburg. For me the stay there was just perfect, the school inspired me and gave me a good foundation.

A.B. Michel, 24.9.2017

The course in Gothenburg was varied and a lot of fun. The teacher explained very lively, led through live situations in the city and thus also worked on regional and historical topics. … Keep it up!

Participant, August 2016

The course was a lot of fun.
It was very nice to be in the country, the language could be used as early as possible and the people you met made it a very nice experience.

Participant, October 2014

I had booked a language course in August in Gothenburg through you. I would like to thank you very much for all your information around the course and around the trip to Sweden.
It was a very wonderful special time in the language course, I was able to learn a lot. I also experienced the lecturers as very select personalities. And of course I was also very impressed by the country. I wanted to share that with you very much!

Participant, August 2013

It was a super time. The small class was perfectly put together, the teacher Elisabet was an event. The language school and its management managed with a lot of love and commitment to provide the students with an optimal learning environment.

A. Gmür, 19.9.2012

Very good, was a lot of fun and very interesting. I can only recommend to everyone to have such an experience, besides, new friendships for life are made with people from all over the world! Next year I plan to take another course.

Participant, June/July 2012

It was an unforgettably beautiful time. I learned a lot and met great people. The school and the teacher were great. The Vandraheim was also good. Thank you and best regards Wolfhart

Participant, September 2011

I learned a lot (!) because I had booked the intensive course and there were only three of us, in the end even only two. The language school also organized many activities, so I had the opportunity to get to know the participants of the other courses.
My accommodation was excellent ! Everything was great. A really good service that is offered by you. Without you I probably would not have come across the language school in Gothenburg.

Maike Hopp, August 2011

The language course … in Gothenburg in April 2011 was great and I can only recommend it. The city has become my absolute favorite and I would return there at any time. – Gothenborg är jätte mysigt!!

Participant, April 2011

Dear Mrs. Störiko,
thank you very much for the good organization! The course was very good. I learned a lot and hope not to forget everything again so quickly.
The accommodation was also good. I had a room with a teacher from another language school. The apartment is a 10-minute walk from the language school. … I could move around freely, had my own key and could use the kitchen and bathroom. So I had additional Swedish conversation in the evenings. 🙂
I can only recommend the language school in Gothenburg. Suitable for both beginners and advanced students. The students are divided into groups according to their ability. In our intensive course with five participants, it was closely examined what the current level of knowledge is and handed out worksheets on the ‚deficits‘. Daily homework with several worksheets have reduced these.
The language school also offers joint leisure activities and also helps in finding accommodation.

Participant, June/July 2010

Stockholm may be the bigger city in Sweden, but Gothenburg is the more beautiful! Jag älskar Gothenburg! 😉
You can do a lot, there is always something going on … and if times nothing is going on, then you go to a lonely rock and enjoy the peace!

Pia Memel, August 2009

The course was exhausting, but also a lot of fun. The participants were international. The exchange was excellent. All in all, I can only recommend it.

Axel Petermann, August 2008

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