Group Courses in Stockholm

1. Summary at a glance
Course type
– group courses from spring to autumn
– maximum 6 participants per group
– individual lessons all year round
Participants– all ages (from 16 years on)
– singles, couples, families
– suitable for private people
Course levels
Specialties– summer courses: lessons in small groups in the morning, practical lessons in the afternoon
– courses often available on short notice

We have been offering the courses of this partner school for many years: a broad program with a well-functioning concept. The feedback from our participants proves the offer right 🙂

Ute Störiko, Head of OBS!

2. Language school and teachers

The Swedish courses in Stockholm have been running for several years with steadily growing demand and great success. The teachers are native speakers of Swedish, most often trained language teachers. They enjoy meeting people from other countries and teach with commitment and joy!

The school is based in Stockholm. There are also branches in Gothenburg, Malmö, the university city of Uppsala and the winter sports resort of Åre, as well as on the islands of Gotland and Åland.

3. Location

Group courses are held in the center of Stockholm: at Odenplan or Östermalm. (The school rents suitable premises for the group courses during the summer). The course rooms can usually be reached within 10-15 minutes by public transport from the main train station.

The locations for individual lessons are determined by the respective teachers individually in consultation with the participants. Therefore, the lessons can take place at the teacher’s home, at the participant’s home or office, in the classroom of a library and in other suitable places.

4. Course offer

4.1  Group courses

  • for all levels, from beginners (Level A1 of the European Framework of Reference) up to far advanced (B/C)
  • Course times:
    – 30 lessons of 60 minutes per week
    – Monday-Friday 3 lessons (9:00-12:00) + afternoons 3 lessons
  • Language theory + language practice:
    In the morning – during the “traditional” language class – the teacher trains the different moments of the Swedish language. The focus is on oral communication and the the teacher will suggest topics, which the course can decide on.
    During the lessons in the afternoon, students are given the opportunity to apply what they have learned in practice and at the same time to experience their surroundings. For example, the course will visit selected sights/museums, and the participants prepare small lectures which will be held on site. Also, teacher and participants may explore nature in the surrounding area. In this practical phase, the teacher acts as a contact person, companion, advisor, guide or translator and will motivate the participants to actively use the language.

Note: If there are not enough enrolments for a course, you will be offered private lessons instead – either fewer lessons for about the same price or the same number of lessons to a higher price. These are – according to Swedish regularities – billed differently than the group courses: you pay the teacher directly and receive a receipt from him/her.

The terms and conditions of the school can be found here.

4.2  Private lessons

You are welcome to book private lessons with the school. We recommend 15-20 lessons of 60 minutes per week. Together with homework and exposure to the language in the city, you are well occupied.

5. Accommodation

Accommodation is chosen individually. We can recommend a small, well-located one-bedroom apartment in the Kungsholmen district. It is owned by Mikael, who will be happy to help and advise you.

One participant recommended these apartments to us: “These are modern apartments, which are excellently connected to the city center with the commute day and the Tunnelbana. Sundbyberg itself offers everything you need as a student and tourist infrastructure. We rented an apartment there based on the fact that it’s only one stop away from Odenplan with the Pendeltag, and overall we were very pleasantly surprised.”

Here are more tips:

Private accommodations in all price ranges
C/O Stockholm

The youth hostels (Vandrarhem) in Stockholm are located quite in the center. Here is an overview. Among others, there are youth hostels in a converted ship (Af Chapman) and in a former prison (Jugendherberge Långholmen).

6. Leisure time

As the capital of Scandinavia’s most populous country, Stockholm boasts an opulent cultural offering (art, theater, music, dance, etc.). In addition, there are sporting events, many shopping options and restaurants. Nevertheless, you quickly feel at home in this amiable city, which is permeated by water. Everything is accessible by public transport or on foot, and the Stockholmers are happy to welcome visitors who make an effort to learn the Swedish language or already speak it.

7. Travel

The journey is booked individually. Our partner travel agency SkandAktiv, which specializes in trips to Scandinavia, will be happy to advise you.

SkandAktiv-ReisenSkandAktiv Reisen
Phone: +49 9244-98 22 863


8. Course dates and prices

Group courses

Course weeks 2023Course levels*Course contentCourse price
8.5. – 12.5. 

Monday – Friday

Intensive courses with lessons in the mornings and afternoons

30 lessons of 60 minutes

5.500 SEK
= about 518 €
15.5. – 19.5.A1.2
29.5. – 2.6.A2
5.6. – 9.6.B1, B2
12.6. – 16.6.A2
19.6. – 23.6.A2, B1, B2
26.6. – 30.6.A1.2, A2
3.7. – 7.7.A2, B1
24.7. – 28.7.A2
31.7. – 4.8. 
14.8. – 18.8.A2, B1
21.8. – 25.8.A2, B1, B2
28.8. – 1.9.A1.2
4.9. – 8.9. 
11.9. – 15.9.B1, B2, C1
18.9. – 22.9. 
25.9. – 29.9. 

*The level for each week is decided with the first enrolments.

Subject to change without notice. If there are not enough registrations for a group course, the language school reserves the right to reduce the number of lessons or adjust the price. Which option is chosen, will be decided in consultation with the registered participants.

Private lessons

1:1 – from 330 SEK (about 30 €) per lesson of 60 minutes
2:1 – from 590 SEK (about 54 €) per lesson of 60 minutes
Cancellation policy: see item 4.1
... and this is what our participants say about
the lessons at the language school in Stockholm:

We would like to inform you that we were very impressed with Katharina’s one-to-one lessons. She enriched the lessons with two excursions … We thank her very much.

S. M., 18.-22.10.2021

Very nice symbiosis of activities and learning Swedish. Our course went to a different place every day and we spoke Swedish throughout – also among each other. In addition, there were exercises (grammar/presenting the topic) at the respective places (At a lake in Artipelag or in a rustic café in Vaxholm). The course is highly recommended! (Group course B1)

Björn S., 17.-21.6.2019

I took part in a language course in Stockholm in the summer and I liked it very much, both the excursions we did together (we didn’t go to the well-known sights, but were on the outskirts of the archipelago) and the language course itself. We were able to make suggestions for focal points, which were then taken up. For example, we all wanted to learn to speak more freely, which we practiced a lot. The pronunciation and grammar exercises also helped me.

Participant Juli 2019

I would like to thank you for arranging the teaching opportunity in Stockholm in January. The one to one lessons with D. helped me a lot. She adapted to my level of knowledge and in one week I was able to learn new things. Above all, she has also furthered my enjoyment of the Swedish language, so that I am determined to book another course through OBS in the summer.

Alfred Bruno Michel, 7.2.2018

I liked the stay and the lessons very much and the teacher was also very nice. In addition to the work with the books, there were worksheets with further exercises. On these there were also always rules for use, which I found very helpful. In every lesson we read a text, looked at new grammar, and occasionally did pronunciation exercises and rules. Now and then we also took a topic and spoke freely. This made the lessons very varied.

Participant October 2014

I am very satisfied with the help and especially with the mediation of the teacher. Overall, I liked everything, the teacher was able to answer every question and tried to teach me the language as well as possible. I also took away a lot and can only recommend a language course in Scandinavia or Sweden.

Participant August 2014

I can only rate the language course positively. The support beforehand was good. The teacher was excellent with her dedication, her pedagogical skills, her imparting of a lot of knowledge also incidentally about Stockholm and with her prudence as a course instructor!
I liked the mixture of teaching in the morning and sight seeing in the afternoon, all in Swedish, very good.

Participant June 2014

I had a great week in Stockholm. Language course, teacher and city invite to repeat.

Participant August 2012

The language course was again simply super. The theory part was very individually tailored to our wishes, the afternoons were very interesting and informative. The teacher was super motivated.

Participant August 2012

I was completely satisfied! The concept theory+practice was very good. Everyone had the opportunity to speak, ask questions (e.g. tourist information, pharmacy, tea store). I learned a lot and remembered vocabulary and pronunciation better.

Participant August 2009

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