Language Courses & Language Trips Sweden

flag-icon-blue1 Stockholm: group courses and private lessons

  • one-week Swedish courses in small groups
  • during the summer months combination of language classes in the morning and language practice in the afternoon

Stockholm + Gothenburg: Group courses in summer and private lessons

  • intensive Swedish courses in the summer
  • private lessons all year round
  • focus on job-related learning
  • school with international participants

flag-icon-orange1 Gothenburg: Group courses year-round

  • extensive range of Swedish courses at all levels
  • summer and year-round courses
  • leisure program in summer
  • Swedish exam SWEDEX

flag-icon-darkblue1 Malmö: Group courses and private lessons

  • Swedish courses all year round on all levels
  • Premium-school
  • additional offer: business contacts with Swedish companies

Dalarna: Swedish courses with accommodation

  • learn Swedish in small groups
  • in late summer and autumn (winter courses planned)
  • afternoon program
  • accommodation and meals on site

Northern Sweden: Summer courses

  • Swedish courses in Tornedalen and Abisko
  • course weeks in July
  • levels A1.2 to C
  • bookable with accommodation

Northern Sweden: Spring and autumn courses

  • Swedish course with activities in nature
  • for beginners and advanced beginners (A1/A2)
  • with accommodation

Åre: Winter course and skiing

  • combine skiing with learning Swedish
  • levels A1.1 and A1.2
  • with accommodation

Åland: Autumn course

  • course weeks in September
  • learn Swedish and experience culture
  • levels A2 to C

*Premium-language schools offer demanding and high-quality courses; they have specially trained staff and are therefore usually somewhat more expensive. These courses are especially suitable for professionals or people who want to study intensively.

There are no additional costs when booking a language course through OBS!

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