TISUS Swedish Language Test

What is TISUS?

TISUS means Test i svenska för universitets- och högskolestudier (Test in Swedish for University and College Studies) and tests Swedish language skills at approximately level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The English-language equivalent is the TOEFL test.

Who can take the TISUS exam?

TISUS can be taken by anyone who has Swedish language skills at C1 level.
Swedish universities and colleges usually require the TISUS test from students who want to study in Sweden. Erasmus students do not need to take the test.

When is the TISUS test conducted?

The test is usually conducted twice a year, in spring and in fall. The registration period starts 4 months before the test and ends 2 months before the test. The next test dates are:
25.10.2022  11:00  (registration deadline: 27.8.-2.9.2022)
9.5.2023  11:00  (registration deadline: 9.1.-17.3.2023)
24.10.2023  11:00  (registration deadline: 26.8.-1.9.2023)

Where can I take the TISUS test?

You can take the test at OBS! in Bamberg/Germany. Bamberg has very good train connections with hourly fast speed trains; and you can reach the exam center in just 7 minutes on foot from the train station.

In addition, TISUS is conducted at Swedish universities and colleges as well as at other foreign institutions.  Administration is handled by Stockholm University.

How much does the test cost?

Currently, the TISUS test costs 2,300 SEK (approx. 230 €), for a partial test 1,150 SEK (approx. 115 €). In addition, there is a local fee (in Bamberg between 50 and 80 €, depending on the number of participants) for room rental, examination supervision, material costs, etc.

How is the TISUS test structured?

3 competences are tested:

Läsförståelse (reading comprehension; duration: 75 minutes)
Skriftlig färdighet (written competence; duration: 2,5 hours)
Muntlig färdighet (oral competence; duration: 10-15 minutes + 15 minutes preparation time)

The first two parts are written. In the oral part, the candidate can prepare and report on a topic.

How can I prepare for the TISUS test?

There are model exams that we highly recommend. Our teachers are also happy to prepare you for the TISUS exam in a special training.
Write to us about this or call: info@obsonline.de or 0951-51935757

What grades are there?

The TISUS result is reported as pass (godkänd) or fail (underkänd). In addition, the score achieved is given.

When have I passed?

In each of the three parts of the test you can get a maximum of 5 points (15 points in total). All parts must be passed with at least 3 points. If you do not pass a part of the test, it is sufficient to repeat this part. If you fail two or more parts of the test, you have to repeat the whole test.

Do I receive a certificate?

If you pass, you will receive a certificate in Swedish that you can present at a university, college or other institutions.

When do I receive the result?

You will receive the result of your TISUS exam approximately one month after the exam.

How do I register?
You register via the TISUS-website and specify “Bamberg” as your exam location. You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail together with a request for payment. After receipt of payment by credit card within the specified time and approximately 3 weeks before the exam, you will be informed about the further exam modalities.

The registration is binding, i. e. the examination fee can only be partially refunded in justified exceptional cases.

Further information about TISUS can be found on this page.

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